History of Epiphany

We formed during T15 from a loose collection of friends. We value our excellent atmosphere as much as our raiders performance. We're here to have fun and kill stuff (preferably bosses, not ourselves!). Epiphany was the only guild on Vek to kill Ra-Den while it was current content and were the first 14/14HC guild in Seige of Orgrimmar on the server.  We raid 3 nights a week, Weds(20.00-23.00), Sun(19.00-22.00) and Monday (20.00-23.00).

Current Recruitment
We are always on the look out for talented and like minded players. If we have specific class needs, you will see them on the front page.

While we prefer people with experience we are more than happy to nurture individuals that show potential and are willing to learn and improve. We set high but realistic standards.

If you think we might be a good fit for each other, apply to the guild using the link on the left.

The Rules

  1. Be Mature and respectful of others!
  2. Signup on the calendar for raids. Accept or decline. Tentative is punishable by a kick in the nads. It's no help to 19 other people that you "might" be there. If you don't sign up then don't pitch up on raid night with puppy dog eyes expecting a spot!
  3. Be punctual (i.e. at least 10 minutes early) so we can form the group and so on.
  4. Be prepared. Flasks, pots, gemmed and enchanted, research done. You also need a mic and the ability to use it with PTT. Standard stuff.
  5. If you signed and can't make it let us know - you should use the website - shoutbox or make a thread, PM an officer if you need to give more info and don't want everyone to see it. The remote chat app is now free, and there's very few places you won't be able to get an internet signal. Shit happens, but please be considerate of others.
  6. We've adopted a common sense and pretty informal approach to handing out loot in the past. With WoD we may get a bit more formal with a council. Rest assured we want whats best for the team. Loot is a tool to kill more shit, not to boost someones e-peen or funnel towards the GM. In the long run the better we hand it out, the more success we have as a team and the more stuff we kill. End result? More shinies for everyone! 
  7. If you have performance issues with another member of the team, bring it up with the leadership. Let them sort it out. If you have personal issues, refer to point 1!
  8. Be able to take and give constructive criticism. Wiping is part of progress, after a wipe we try to dissect what went wrong. People make mistakes, we get that and accept it. We don't care about *blame*, we do care about understanding and fixing it so we can do better next time. Sitting there quietly knowing you did a boo boo and hoping noone notices isn't really how we want to operate.